Module à la carte

If you want to learn the techniques of stone-setting or simply discover this fabulous profession by setting your own jewels.  However, if you already now the process, you can improve yourself in this field as we are ready to help answer any particular question.

Our team enforces all of its know-how and draws from a wide range of innovative techniques to teach and guide students in their learning. Creative inspiration, technical requirements, and challenges are the common ground of our teachers.

Program: A la carte

Content / course: The course is organized according to the level of the student

Starting date: upon availability

Equipment: The tools are put on lease by the school.

Supplied Parts: Silver jewelry pieces, exercises on copper and brass plates as well as zirconium cubic stones are provided by the school.

IMPORTANT: Please read our general conditions (click here - in French only)  before booking. You will be asked to confirm your agreement with it when your order will be placed.