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Pratical training for application in professional workshops.


Our school is located in Gland, near Geneva.

We offer specialized training in the craft of jewelery and watch-making


our mission

to offer our students practical education catered to prepare them for the types of situations they will face in professional workshops.

the concept

Having been asked by renowned jewellers and watchmakers to perfect the training of their employees, we noticed that current programs place little emphasis on the practical side of the daily life of one who practices these proffesions. For them, meticulousness and quality of work must be combined with cost-effectiveness. It is from this need that the concept of our school was born.

the valeurs

TEach of our instructors currently practice their craft in the realms of high-end jewellry and watchmaking. Their commitment is to pass on not only their technical expertise, but also the ethics that govern their craft, including dilligence, humility, and discipline.

the goals

To enable people of all experience levels to undergo expedited training programs, and see the results, which prepare them perfectly for the needs of their future employers in the stone setting industry.



Learning & Development

A variety of courses make it possible to either learn the craft of stone setting in jewelery and watch-making from scratch, or to improve in one or more specific areas.


Theory, Practice & Personalization

Our students are exposed to both the practical, and the theoretical side of education on the Luxury industry, however our focus is more on the former than the latter, preparing them for the real-world tools and methods they will face in their future endeavours.

Each student receives individual attention and our trainers adapt their teaching styles to each student's personality with one goal: for them to be ready to face the workplace challenges at the end of their training.

All courses are offered in either French, English or Spanish

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We welcome professionals from prestigious manufacturers to focus their employees on specific techniques or to bring their general skill up to the standard they require.


Jeweler, stone-setter who wants to specialize or acquire new techniques..


For anyone interested in the job of stone-setter who wants to undergo fast training and experience that prepares them for the proffesional workforce.

No prerequisites are required except for personal aptitudes such as determination and perfectionism.